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He created Rhea…

It is with great sadness that we inform you, the death of Bertrand Danglade on Monday August the 7th 2017.
Here, some remain silent, too deeply touched by their loss, and others need to speak about him as if he was still present
The creator of Rhea Marine was a passionate man.
He lived similar emotions, in the sea or in the sky, always a high flying human adventure, and above all a great pleasure that he wanted to share and that he succeeded to pass on!
Bertrand Danglade was a visionary and self-taught man. He developed a range of timeless designed boats of which the nautical qualities have now become a reference. From the beginning of the creation of Rhea, he had understood the strength of the union, the power of a close and listened crew and worked with men and women to whom he gave all his faith and  trust. Thanks to his exceptional marine experience and culture, he instilled in us his rigour and his attention to details, a frame, our golden thread.
Forever touched by the goodness and the respect he has always shown at the head of the shipyard, even after he had passed on thehelm, we will all continue, with all our heart to keep the spirit of a gentleman’s driver alive, a gentleman who has left us too soon.
Thank you Bertrand.

  • 07-06-2017